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What are the Benefits of Tanning Beds?


So many benefits to choose from!

Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few benefits of tanning beds compared to tanning in natural sunlight. Fast, easy, convenient, affordable and safe are some of the benefits of tanning beds making them a great choice for anyone looking to achieve that sexy bronze skin hue in minutes.

Top Ten Benefits of Tanning Beds You Should Be Aware of


1. Unmatched Convenience:

One of the best benefits of tanning beds is the sheer convenience. Not everyone has access to direct sunlight such as people living in apartments, people who are too busy to catch the rays at the right time for tanning, people living in colder climates or in areas of overcast weather, etc.

2. Minimum Time; Maximum Results:

For quick tanning, tanning beds are the way to go providing yet another one of the benefits of tanning beds. The kind of tanning that needs a long time in the sun can be achieved in minutes. Thanks to tanning beds, you can bring the “sun” indoors now.

3. No More UVB:

As we all know by now, direct UVB rays from the sun are the major cause of skin cancer. Tanning beds are now made in highly advanced ways and research shows that well made tanning beds can actually filter out up to 70% of these harmful rays which adds to the benefits of tanning beds. In fact, a joint study by major health institutes from around the world published in National Center for Biotechnology Information sheds more light on the cancer concern.

This extensive study consisted of about 73,358 women aged between 25 and 35. The study minces no words in saying, “Our data do not suggest any association between the use of tanning beds and risk of internal cancers.” In the wake of such studies, we must truly introspect and question whether the hullabaloo about tanning beds is just an unfounded paranoia.

4. Best Source of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D which is essential for strong bones can actually be absorbed from tanning bed rays. If you do not have access to direct sunlight or want to avoid its harmful rays, get your Vitamin D through a tanning bed. So, there you have it, great- looking skin coupled with health benefits, what more could one ask for?

5. Exotic Look for Less:

It is much easier to pay for a tanning session than book a vacation to a sunny place like the Bahamas! With quality tanning options becoming more and more affordable, it is now easier than ever to take advantage of the benefits of tanning beds. It is almost like having the Bahamas right across the street!

6. Control the Amount of Tan You Want:

With the advancements in the development of tanning beds, one of the very convenient benefits of tanning beds is that now tanners have the option of choosing exactly the level of tanning that they desire. No more “one size fits all” level of bronzing! This could work great for those who have a preconceived look that they want to sport.

7. Extreme Convenience:

blog22Tanning today is more convenient than ever before. You now have the great option of either standing or lying down while using tanning beds. This is another great option when it comes to the benefits of tanning beds.

8. Beyond the Skin:

When you go to a salon for some sunless tanning, you can add other advantages to the benefits of tanning beds which is the availability of other services that you can avail right after you tan. In all, it can be a wholesome experience of enjoying everything that the salon has to offer you. The result could be an all-new you that will surely get several heads turning as you walk down the street.

Going to an important event in the evening?

Get your skin beautifully bronzed and catch a quick manicure and a pedicure right after, before you leave the salon. With so much competition, you’ll be surprised at all the “extras” that salons are offering along with the benefits of tanning beds.

9. Fits Right Into Your Schedule:

There are people who just do not tan easily. Rather than exposing themselves to long hours in the sun and getting sun burnt into the bargain, making use of the benefits of tanning beds by getting that wonderful bronze look in minutes is the smart thing to do. With tanning beds, your busy professional life will never keep you from acquiring the look that you always desired – albeit in a safe manner.

10. An Escape From the Daily Hustle:

One of the very good but often understated benefits of tanning beds is the wonderful sense of relaxation they can give you. A relaxing tanning bed session can be a welcome relief, especially for someone who leads a hectic and busy life. It can prove to be the mini-vacation that you so desperately need in this modern world.

So do not delay it; book your session at a tanning salon today for a sun-kissed and more glamorous you and reap some great benefits of tanning beds!


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