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How to Get the Best Indoor Tan


Where the Sun Doesn’t Reach

What is Indoor Tanning?

Indoor tanning is simply an alternative way of getting your body tanned without exposing yourself to direct sunlight. Recently, this method of tanning has gathered immense popularity as more than 10% of Americans visit an indoor tanning facility each year.

Indoor Tanning is Much Safer than the Open Sun

Exposing yourself to sun is the worst thing you can do to get a tan. “It’s the sunburn you got when you were 18 that leads to the cancer you get when you’re 40.” These are the words by Dr. Zoe Draelos, the VP of American Academy of Dermatology.

Exposing your skin to any form of light does run its risks. Although indoor tanning can be harmful, the overall dangers associated with it fall pale in comparison to the regular sunlight tanning. Usually people use indoor tanning as a quick fix while others just do it for the experience. However, the fact remains that for people who love that bronze look, tanning booths are much better than the open sun.

A Little Preparation Can Go a Long way to Get You a Great Tan

First off, you need to get an exfoliating scrub or indoor tanning lotion moisturizer. Use it to exfoliate the area that you want to tan daily for at least a week preceding an indoor tanning session. This will remove dead cells from the surface of the skin which will make the tanning session more effective.

Augment the Tanning Effect with Tanning Lotions

Note that you need to get special indoor tanning lotions for this purpose as they are created to enhance the effects of a tanning session on an indoor bed. In addition, indoor tanning lotions do not harm the tanning bed as well. We will teach you how to get the best indoor tanning lotions in a while.

Falling Asleep is the Last Thing You Want While Tanning

Since you have to lie patiently in a tanning bed, try to keep yourself awake. This may be hard, but remember that unless you shift your body at regular intervals, your body will not have an even tan which will ultimately spoil the whole purpose. Occasionally lift your arms as well to tan your underarms. Once the session is complete, moisturize yourself with indoor tanning lotions once again. This will help you to retain the tan for a long time.

Scouting for the Right Indoor Tanning Lotion

Just like your other cosmetics, tanning lotions & accessories too must be chosen carefully. To get an indoor tanning lotion that is right for you, some things need to be determined, such as:

• Your skin color (fair, light, medium, olive, dark, or deep)

• How much tan your require

• How much are you willing to spend

These factors may not look important but they can help you save your time and money while you find the best indoor tanning lotion. Online shopping at Lewie’s Tanning will greatly benefit here as you can enter in all the specifics, including your desired tan shade and get all the possible results in no time. In addition, the product will be delivered to your doorstep which only makes the words “indoor tanning” fit perfectly!

Choosing the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

You are showered with options when it comes to indoor tanning lotions, which makes arriving at a particular one a bit tough some times. Once the above factors are determined, you can choose your preferred tanning lotion from a variety that includes:

• Tanning bed lotions

• Moisturizing lotions

• Sunblock lotions

• Sunless tanning lotions

• Bronzing tanning lotions

• Lotion towels

Some people prefer trying different brands before settling on one. While this may be a good choice, you may get your hands on substandard products that will harm your skin and ruin the tan. Make an informed decision after doing thorough research. Once again, you can resort to the internet to read what others have to say about a particular indoor tan product. A good practice is first trying the lotion of you choice on a small patch of skin to check whether your skin reacts adversely to it.

A Few Must-Know Facts Before You Enter that Indoor Tanning Bed

If you are taking a session for the first time, inquire with the salon staff about the whole procedure, especially the duration.

If you are pale-skinned, the first session will last for about 7-8 minutes.Most importantly, close your eyes when you are in the bed. Always use eye protection that is placed on all indoor tanning beds.

The FDA makes it mandatory to wear eye protection while venturing into tanning beds.

By following these guidelines and the best indoor tanning lotions, you get the perfect tan before hitting the beach!


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