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How to Get a Good Healthy Tan from Tanning Beds


Everything you need to know for a safe and satisfying tanning bed session

Much has been said and written under the heading “are tanning beds safe.” Here we will look at some of the reasons behind the discussion, whether tanning beds are safe or not and put to rest all your misconceptions about tanning bed safety.

Tanning Beds are Safer than the Sun

blog16If you think tanning beds are grossly unsafe, you are echoing the sentiments of the 80s. Tanning beds have come a really long way over the years. There was once this perception that tanning beds are dangerous and highly unsafe. However, looking at the scores of research done on both tanning by natural sunlight and tanning under a tanning bed, in terms of safety, tanning beds have come out as winners.

UVB rays, the source of which is the sun are harmful and the major cause of skin cancer all over the world. Doctors advise very limited exposure to the sun’s direct rays and recommend the use of sun block to filter out the harmful UVB rays. Natural tanning or sun tanning is now generally discouraged everywhere due to the harmful health effects associated with it.

Tanning beds are recommended as an alternative to sun tanning. Moreover, tanning beds today come with a host of safety features and adhere to the standards set by the government.

A Look at Research for the Right Perspective

So are tanning beds safe then? According to plenty of research over the years, yes it is. In fact, according to a study conducted by Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia, indoor tanning (in other words tanning beds) are actually an excellent source of vitamin D.

The research even goes to the extent of saying that tanning beds must be prescribed to patients with cystic fibrosis and short bowel syndrome that result from vitamin D deficiency. So, for people who do not produce vitamin D naturally, tanning beds actually prove to be a blessing in disguise.

They get to sport good-looking skin while also producing all the vitamin D they need to stay healthy. To add credibility to this report, it has even been published in the US National Library of Medicine.

It’s Not Just Your Time but Also Your Health

blog17Compared to tanning under the sun, tanning under a tanning bed takes minutes literally and gives you the same bronze glow in minutes compared to hours under the sun. A lot of people who have skin types that do not tan easily also frequently ask the question, “Are tanning beds safe?” The answer is yes, they are. Tanning beds are a great alternative to the sun for people who not only want no exposure to the sun’s harmful rays but also have a problem tanning easily.

Instead of lying for hours under the sun trying to achieve that perfect golden brown skin hue, they end up badly burning their skins and with no real color results. Hence tanning beds are the perfect safe solution for such folks.

Although developments in tanning bed technology have rendered them far safer compared to what it was back in the 80s, it is still wise to take a few precaution so that you don’t keep asking yourself, are tanning beds safe.

A Word of Caution for the Sensitive Ones

If you suffer from any sort of medical condition such as diabetes, herpes, lupus etc., it is best to consult your physician or medical practitioner to be advised of any risks associated with using a tanning bed before you book a tanning session. Asking your doctor that are tanning beds safe for your condition is the wisest idea.

Eye Protection is a Federal Rule. Follow It

Eye protection is a must when using a tanning bed and what’s more, the FDA has made the use of goggles mandatory while tanning so your eyes remain protected throughout the session.

Tanning salons are required by law to provide eye protecting goggles to all their customers. So, for all those wondering that are tanning beds safe, please make sure you follow the basic precautions by wearing sanitized goggles.

Scout for that Quality Salon

Always choose a quality salon and a tanning bed with a higher power and a lower maximum exposure time.

Hygiene Must be Your Priority

Sanitizing is essential when using a tanning bed. At a quality salon, an employee will sanitize the tanning bed before and after you use it or provide you with sanitizer which you can use yourself and also plenty of clean towels.

And if you’re asking yourself “are tanning beds safe” and you do not find any disinfectant around, ask for it. Cleanliness is really next to godliness!

Know the Safety Features Beforehand

Before you begin your tanning bed session and if you’re wondering are tanning beds safe, just make sure you know where the safety power shut off feature is. Use it immediately in case you feel too hot, uncomfortable, dizzy or sick.

Never hesitate to ask questions that pertain to your safety. Moreover, you get a feeling of control when you know all about your tanning bed and feel reassured before venturing in.

Get in There for That Perfect Tan

So be safe, book your next tanning bed session keeping the above precautions in mind and do not worry or wonder whether tanning beds safe, because they are!

Millions of people around the world are using them with zero problems; don’t let your misconception stop you from getting that gorgeous look that you always wanted.


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