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Which is the Best Tanning Lotion for Pale Skin?


Go from fair and pale to sun-kissed bronze easily!

For someone who is new to the world of skin tanning, there could be numerous apprehensions that come into play while choosing a tanning lotion. If this sounds like you, then read on.

Tanning does not have to be trial for people with fair skin as long as they use the best tanning lotion for pale skin. Until a few years back, people with fair skin had to make do with sunning outdoors at the risk of getting themselves sun burnt and still not getting much of a tan. The result almost invariably was a skin that felt like a wafer, but it doesn’t have to be that way any more. Thanks to tanning bed technology and highly developed tanning lotions in the market, it is now easier than ever to tan using the best tanning lotion for pale skin.

The tanning process for paler skins is slightly different compared to those who have medium to darker colored skin. In order to tan effectively and achieve your desired tan color, make sure you use one of the best tanning lotions for pale skin. You must also keep in mind the type of tanning bed that you should be using. A perfect blend of these two is what gives you that tan you have always dreamt about.

Going Overboard is the Worst Thing a Pale Beginner Can Do

Many good brands offer a variety of tanning lotions to suit all skin types and for different levels of tanning. For pale skin, it is always the wisest idea to begin with an “accelerator” tanning lotion. This aids in adding life to the pale skin quicker to give it an almost instant makeover. If you have fair skin, you might be tempted to grab the best tanning lotion for pale skin in the darkest and deepest golden brown shade, but it is wise not to shock your pale skin to too much bronze intensity.

Patience is key here. Always start with a “base” tan and build up the rest of the tan around it using the best tanning lotion for pale skin you can find. It should be kept in mind that even if you do use the best tanning lotion for pale skin, it will still take you a couple of tanning bed sessions in order to gradually color to your desired tan level.

A Good Tanning Lotion Can Do Wonders for Your Skin

Most tanning salon experts recommend Phoenician by the brand Designer Skin as probably the best tanning lotion for pale skin, especially for people who are just beginning to start tanning. Lover Perfect by the brand Devoted Creations seems to be a popular choice with people looking for the best tanning lotion for pale skin. The good thing about tanning lotions from trusted brands such as these is that they protect and moisturize the skin while working to give you a fabulous tan base. A popular brand also means that you have a widely trusted tanning partner in hand with virtually no possibility of things going wrong.

Do Not Forget the All-Important Tanning Bed

Equally important along with the best tanning lotion for pale skin is the type of tanning bed you use and how long you use it for. Never be in a hurry to get the tan and approach the entire process meticulously, especially when you are new. Keep in mind that a long tanning session can leave skin dry and even burnt and is not exactly good for you. All tanning beds have different levels of tanning and as a beginner you might think that starting at the lowest level is the smart thing to do.

On the contrary, it isn’t because a lower level setting for tanning beds uses lower level (and cheaper) bulbs which emit a lot more UV rays that can be damaging to the skin. A higher level tanning bed will always be equipped with expensive bulbs of the highest quality hence the UV ray emission is restricted to a minimum. So along with the best tanning lotion for pale skin, also go for the best tanning bed you can afford.

Perfect Timing for Flawless Results

Timing is also very important and how long you stay in a tanning bed affects your tanning results. It may seem that the longer your tanning bed session, the more you’ll tan, but keep in mind what has been explained about using higher quality tanning beds at higher levels. Especially for people with pale skin, experts recommend that along with the best tanning lotion for pale skin such as something by Designer Skin, start your tanning sessions at a higher intensity and with an initial 5 minute session.

Gradually build it up, like say perhaps a 7 minute session the next time. Slowly build up the duration of each session until you reach the maximum duration recommended by the salon. You will achieve you desired golden brown skin hue without any risk of dehydrating or burning your skin. At the end of it, you will find that all your restraint and planning bears wonderful fruits and you will have the skin to show off as you swerve around the town.

So pick up your bottle of the best tanning lotion for pale skin today and start tanning the safe and sexy way!


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